Accountable. Responsible. Focused Leadership.

A note from Eric Jenkins...

Accountable, responsible, focused leadership. That is what I campaigned on and that is what I have brought to the City Council during the last four years. I am humbly asking for your vote this November as I seek re-election.

In the past four years, I have stood up against tax increases, for prioritization of resources on public safety and infrastructure, and raised questions about deals for developers that benefit only a few at the expense of our residents.

Unfortunately, Shawnee City Government hasn't always earned the trust and confidence of the people in our great city. They assume what the people want, spending precious taxpayer resources in the process.

An example of this was the decision to pursue the construction of a large community center in western Shawnee, which would have cost $54 million to taxpayers and required a property tax increase. Thankfully, the measure was placed on the ballot.

The people of Shawnee decisively rejected the idea with 72% in favor. In Ward 2, itís likely that well over 80% rejected the proposal. I was proud of to help establish and spearhead the ďVote NoĒ effort that helped defeat the proposal.

While this message should have been received loud and clear, I want to make sure it is, and thatís why I am running for re-election. Looking forward, itís important we heed what you, the voters, said and laser-focus our resources on streets and pipes. That is why, along with Councilman Kemmling, calling for a special citizen task force to look at ways to re-direct additional resources towards failing infrastructure.

Remember, itís about needs Ė not wants. Itís about the appropriate use of taxpayer dollars, not engaging in new creations that directly compete with our private businesses. Itís about respecting your tax dollars. It means taking care of our older neighborhoods.

These have been my priorities since I was elected and will continue to be going forward. This November, I ask for your vote.

Eric Jenkins